Lucy is a rescue success story. Adopted by a loving family, this once timid, submissive youngster is a now a friendly, fun-loving companion.

Dalmatian rescue organizations all over the country are overburdened with homeless dogs. The stress of doing rescue causes a lot of burn out and frustration for rescue workers. If you are thinking about adding a Dalmatian to your family, please consider a rescue dog. “New Dog, New Home” is a good article about what to expect from your rescue dog. It is from Labrador Retriever rescue but the advice offered applies just as well to Dalmatians. In fact, there are several articles of interest on that website. If you are considering putting your Dalmatian up for adoption please read this article and our Rescue FAQs page. Your local Dalmatian rescue group could use your help and support in fundraising, finding adoptive homes, fostering, public education and many other endeavors or consider a donation to DCARE to help many rescue groups. If you are a shelter or humane society worker and have a Dalmatian in need of a home, you may wish to list the dog on our Dalmatians in Shelters page. If you are trying to place a Dalmatian on your own, this article will give you many tips on choosing a good adoptive home.

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